The Process

Good for Life™

Our approach to outdoor gear

  • What is Good for Life™?

    This is the design philosophy we approach all of our products with and it's the criteria we use to select companies to partner with. All products you see here are guaranteed to be Good for Life™.

  • What are the criteria?

    Repairability, design, mfg warranty,

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  • "Some people are side sleepers or back sleepers - well, I'm an X-sleeper. Thankfully, the Everon Outdoor camp comforter is big and versatile enough to keep me warm and comfortable all night long. I can't believe they are so lightweight." - Chancy R.

  • "Everon Outdoor makes the most comfortable ultralight gear. My backcountry elk hunts have been going much better and I think it's because I'm just sleeping so well on the mountain now." - Johnny W.